Apple Genius 0 – PC Genius 1

Waking up to a Flashing Folder icon on the apple imac is not a good thing

The wife had a whole day plan of working on her Photoshop and Music Projects. But, her attempt to start the day early never happen. Her iMac decided to say good morning to her with a flashing question mark in a folder.

We did the usual iMac troubleshooting and decided to take it to the local Apple store. I mean why have the Apple Care program if we don’t put it to use.

What do you mean my HardDrive is broke?

Somehow the idea of “us” going to the Apple store ended up being “I” was going to the Apple store. So, here I am chugging along the wife’s iMac through the mall and waiting Apple Genius.

My turn came up and the Apple Genius confirmed what already knew. But, after a few minutes the Apple Genius informed me that the Hard Drive was toast and that it needed to be replaced. People always say that Apple products are more reliable over PC’s. But, in the last 2 years every Apple product we have has failed one way or another. But, the fact that Apple always replaces it without any hassles makes us forget the fact our product failed.

This time a hardware replacement felt more like the lazy way out of a problem. The wife had not backed up her latest bash of iTunes purchased.

One feature I love about Apple computers is the Target Disk Mode option. The ability to boot up 1 computer and connect it to a 2nd computer as an external hard drive. I asked the Apple Genius if I would be able to do that to back up data but his answer was “Nope your drive is toast” nothing you can do can make it boot up.

Personally, every time I hear someone say that the answer to fix any computer trouble is to format and reinstall the OS or replace the Hard Drive I feel is the lazy way out.

I am not Mac geek.

I am just a PC living in a Mac world.

I made the appointment to go back in 5 days for the Hard Drive replacement since it takes 3 to 5 days for the store to get the Hard Drive.

I came back home determine to get the iMac booted to the point where I can back up the Misses DRM music.

Thanks to the Apple Support site. I discovered the Command + S key. Booting up the iMac into a terminal window was something new to me. But, a geek will always welcome a terminal window.

Comand Single Mode Rules!

So, once at a command window I knew I could either make it worse or try to fix it. I learned about fsck command. fsck checks the Hard Drive and fixes any errors it finds.

I ran it. It found errors. It fixes it.

Guess what happened next?

I fixed it!

The wife once again has a working iMac. I used this time to back up her DRM stuff and other essentials files. Now she can enjoy her mac until I take it back for the new Hard Drive.

I mean. Why not take advantage of a new Hard Drive 🙂