Apple Falls short in my eyes

[Mac Background]

I was introduced to the fruit company back when the Apple IIc dominated the school market. During my elementary and Junior High School years the Apple IIc was a standard fixture in the classroom.

I did not start using the Apple Systems until the beginning of last year when the misses and I opted out to get the 20? screen iMac. I must say for a PC user my transition has been seamless. I like other geeks use both Windows and Linux on the PC. But, I am not a gamer so I don?t need the latest graphics card or the fastest processor. I have been able to supplement most of my tasks that I have used the PC for on the Mac. I run a linux server on my PC and Windows in a Virtual PC environment to test new applications or new tools that take advantage of security exploits.

Thanks to Darwin I can SSH into my linux box and even us Chicken VNC if I want to use KDE or my Virtual Windows OS.

For close to 12 months I have been really happy with the Apple iMac. Even though I had a bad experience with the iPod but that is another story. So, when I heard about the Mac Mini and the Flash iPod I was really looking forward to them. But, like many other things I look forward to. Apple felt short just a bit.

[iPod Shuffle]

The iPod is still great in my eyes even though I went through 3 and decided not to try and get a 4th one. Being able to take your play list from your computer on the road is still the best thing. The iPod Shuffle is a great way to introduce your self to the music on the go lifestyle. Not only is it stylish. But, the control on it is great. One thing I love about Apple Products is simplicity. You are able to play, pause, skip back, skip forward, and control the volume with out a problem. 512 MB gives you about 120 songs. The ability to add 2 AAA batteries as a back up power source is great. The price is not bad either you can start your new music lifestyle for 99 bucks.

With all that said the iPod Shuffle still makes me look elsewhere. With many other Flash Memory based music players available and most of then even give you an FM Tuner. I feel cheated by the iPod Shuffle.

With players like RCA Lyra, WX Technology Players, or check out the List Here. You would think that someone in the iPod Shuffle Focus Group would have pointed out the need for an FM tuner. I have seen pens that cost 2.00 dollars come with an FM Tuner so I really don’t think is a cost issue.

So, that is why I think the Nomad Zen has an advantage over the iPod. I would have gone to the local Apple Store and put my name on the waiting list if the iPod Shuffle if it included an FM tuner. But, it appears I will be using my 99 dollars on something else.

[Mac mini]

The Mac mini is not only beautiful but also powerful. The Mac Mini is perfect for someone who has a computer still running Windows 98 or ME or Mac OS 9.0. The price range allows anyone who needs an updated system to upgrade really easy. Although the Mac mini comes with only a 40 Gig drive and a combo drive I am sure that is still a huge upgrade if your system is currently running Windows 98 on a 450 Mhz chip. Not only does it come with Bluetooth, USB, Firewire, a Combo Drive, support for DVI/ VGA, but is small enough to take it with you anywhere you go.

Here is where my rant begins. Is bad enough it only comes with a CD/DVD drive and if I wanted a CD burner I have to get the Super Drive that is an additional 100 dollars. Is not like I am able go out and get a CD Burner only. So, that 499 becomes a 599 system really easily. Then comes the issue of the mouse and keyboard.

How can I use my ugly existing mouse and keyboard with such a good-looking computer?

So, now I have to spend another 60 dollars for a mouse and 60 dollars for a keyboard. So my 499 system is now 700 something dollars. For that same price I can get a Dell computer with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, CD burner, maybe even a printer, and most important everything will match.

I feel Apple should have included a simple keyboard and mouse that would not have all the fancy features like Bluetooth enabled, Optical Laser, or USB Hub on the keyboard. They should have included a simple Apple Keyboard and Apple Mouse just to keep the look and feel of the Apple brand. If the Mac Mini came with a keyboard and mouse I would have order 2 systems, one for my sister and another for me.

O well like I stated before. I was really looking forward to them. But, like many other things I look forward to. Apple felt short just a bit.

I hope you liked my article. If not o well I enjoyed writing it anyway



The one thing I like about online blogs is the ability to correct statements. Besided the usual e-mails I get about my typos I also get corrections. It turns out that the Combo Drive is a DVD/CD-RW. So, I get to save 100 dollars. Also, I have been at my local Apple Store and they never seem to have the the following 29.00 Keyboard and mouse. So, I was not even aware that they offer this cheaper devices. So, I get to save another 40 bucks.