Anticpate a long post

So, today is Double December as per my morning radio show. 🙂

I hate waking up early to go to work. Especially for a job that is not that challenging anymore. I am a geek and once work gets redundant it gets boring for me. [How I miss my old job] I guess is time to hit Monster and see what else is out there.

Well TSS is completely dead for me now and is taking even a really bad downhill drop. It almost feels like it was last month that I went to a taping of TSS up in San Francisco and got to meet Leo, Pat, and Kevin. The show was so much better then.

//And she Lives

So I decided to resurrect my first computer. My 133 MHZ system with 16 MB of ram. I have no Hard Drive as I used it years ago for something else and I have no idea what happen to it. But, I love the Linux Distros that run on CD. With out a Hard Drive to set up a swap partition I can only run the terminal linux. I decided to upgrade the ram on the computer but sadly the memory is no longer sold at computer stores. I use to have a GoodWill store that had nothing but old computer things near me but, they took it down and GoodWill no longer takes computer donations so I had to settle with buying it on eBaY.

This was the first time I have bought something from eBAY so I will see how that goes. For being such an internet junkie. I am surprise I have never ordered something from eBay before. I order 32 Megs of ram for my old computer on Monday. After the shipping cost it was only 15.95 [Not a bad deal] But, today when I got to work a co-worker gave me a bag of his old RAM to see if I can use them. Talk about timing. So, I will be happy if I can upgrade the system to four 32MB chips.

My current chip is a 133 MHZ and he also gave me a 200 MHZ with MMX. Not sure if my motherboard supports it but I will see.

I am still debating what I should do with that box. I can’t just dump an OS on it because I use VMWare for that on my main computer. So, I have to give it a function. That is why I am thinking about making it into a [ Firewall Box / Router Box ].

This computer has 4 ISA Slots and 1 PCI Card to make it into a [ Firewall / Router] I need to put 2 Ethernet cards in the computer to make the whole [ Router / Firewall ] idea work. Putting in a PCI Ethernet card is not a problem. Is trying to find a ISA Ethernet card that will be a problem. I guess I will have to buy that from eBAY if I have a good experience from buying the memory.

//What I Hate

I hate how I take on a lot of projects sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours or I only need 2 hours of sleep and be able to function correctly.