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Written by Dave Mora
On Jun 23 , 2009 for 140plus

Always make a Stranger Happy


I was at my local Rite-Aid picking some snacks. I over heard a kid (around the age of 10) tell his young brother. Not sure why but it took me a point in my life where my parents and I lived in a Single apartment when we just moved to Los Angeles.

Don’t ask dad to buy that toy. He lost his job. Lets be great full mom still has a job. It will hurt dad to tell you he can’t.

It was something simple that anyone could have just heard and moved on. But, I am big on doing random acts on kindness so I bought both kids some of the car toys they were talking about.

I told them that when I was that young my parents went through hard times. But, things do get better and as long as they have each other.

dms #my2cents

I spoke with the parents to ensure if it would be okay. At first they had mixed feelings as to waiting for a catch. But, I reassured him I had no catch. I was just me doing #randomkindness he gave me smile with a thank you.

Now, I only wished I had some business where I can employ people who just want to work to provide for their family.

You should always do acts of #randomkindness #my2cents

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