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Moriboy and DaveMora

You can reach me via Twitter at @davemora.

But, if you would rather like to e-mail me for advertisement inquiries, submit leads, submit stories, ask to become a contributor, invite me to join your panel, or to simply say hello to me. Please feel free to e-mail me at [ davemora ] @ [ eunknown ] . [ org ]

Fraud Alert: For whatever reason people try to act like me. So, please remember that I no longer use AIM or Y! Messensger.   I only e-mail from and you should only send e-mails to my official e-mail address [ davemora ] @ [ eunknown ] . [ org ]

I only communicate via my e-mail address, Twitter, and Facebook account.

If you get an e-mail or IM message from an address not listed above please forward the e-mail or screen name to

You can now pay me for my time through Clarity using the widget below:

Since you are still reading this section. As a bonus you can actually schedule a free phone or Skype meeting with me through SheduleOnce. Just click on the Book Apointment button below:

Not Famous, Not even Internet Famous, Just Twitter Famous