About Me

Dave Mora giving you the 2 Thumbs Treatment

For years my favorite quote was

I am not a blogger, a podcaster, or even a journalist by trade. But, I play one on TV.

For legal FTC reasons I call my self an Online Celebrity.

My Trade
I was a geek employed by one of the largest Telecommunications companies in the United States and now I am a geek employed by one of the largest Entertainment companies. I also run a stealth web consulting firm where I help people from simple how to walk-through situations to complex backend systems development with a little hosting on the side. But, that is just a fancy way of saying I help out friends and family, host their websites mostly for free but have a company on paper just in case they do want to pay me for my time. 🙂

My Passion
I enjoy expressing my opinions, ideas, and even in-depth stories about nothing through my blog posts. I also enjoy creating content with friends while we sit around with a microphone and share our conversations with the world.

But, my biggest passion is helping people with technology via my #mby project or through the many social networks that I can be found on. If you think I can be of any help. You can contact me free of charge through my contact me section. You can even pay me for my time if you want 🙂

Full Disclosure
Unless otherwise noted on my blog post. I write on products I purchased and write honestly about them. I use many services and write honestly about them too. I do not write about products with an Embargo or NDA attached to them.

I only allow sponsors from companies that I use and trust and they are disclosed within the blog post, podcast, netcast, vlog post, youtube video, basically any sponsorship is disclosed in the content they are sponsoring.

I do not allowed product placement, banner ads, pop-up ads, or any other type of paid for advertisement outside of sponsorship for a specific blog, audio, video content. (So, please do not send me a pitch for a paid blog post or ad placement offering)

You can see the list of my past and current Sponsors Here.

Life is too short. So live it out happy, no secrets, and honestly.

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I do not make any money from the sales of the shirts. I "usually" sell them at cost.

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