So, I been watching Fx’s 30 Days since last year. The last episode my Tivo recorded was about abortion. What I like about 30 Days it that it always shows me a point of view I would not see often. But, this time around I hate the fact that abortion, like immigration, is one of the subjects that a very small group of Americans fight against but the pull the have with the media, politics, or mis information makes it feel like everyone in America is against abortion.

Okay, so you will send me your hate mail. Make it clean so I can post it on my blog. This is what I have against the people who want abortion be banned for good. They are ignorant, hypocrites, and what my dad would say “Pinche Pendejos”. Don’t get me wrong. I feel that you are killing a life. I feel you will basically go to your hell depending if you are religious or not. I feel it is wrong. But, for me to go out of my way and condemn everyone who is for it. For me to go to abortion clinics and harass the people who already feel like crap because they are in a situation that they feel they need to have it. Or even push young mothers to have a child, a young mother that will end up being a crapy mother and creating a crapy child that will possibly end up mugging me 15 years from now, is just as wrong as having an abortion.

I mean okay make it illegal what are you going to do now. Will you help out the young mothers that have been disowned by their family raise the child. Will you take in a 16 year old girl with drama, who has been wondering the streets and is homeless because she has no where else to go because she is pregnant? Will you hold the hand of a mother who is dying because she decided to take the pregnancy to term although she had a medical condition and now not only did she die but she had a still born? only because it is illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion even in medical situations. Will you be the new mother of a 13 year old girl that was molested and raped by her father and now she is forced to bring that baby to term? Will you put as much energy in going to the families of young woman who had their daughters taken from them because they had to get an abortion in an alley or with a steel hanger only because she had no legal clinic at hear reach. Will you be able to ask for gods forgiveness for putting that young girl in a position where she felt the only way she could move on with her life was to have an abortion from an unsafe environment because the legal clinics have been closed down or bomb by your extremist?

Those are the questions I ask you.