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Written by Dave Mora
On Jun 17 , 2012 for Daily Rants

405 traffic just got worse thanks to the Sepulveda Pass Improvements


In Los Angeles (LA) traffic is part of it’s landscape as the Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica pier, movie premiers, and the Socal Palm trees.

Many of the people who come and visit LA will usually say something like “Love the city. Hate the traffic”. While those who visit hate it they get to leave it behind when their visit is over.

But, for may of us we have made the LA traffic part of our daily routine and for many the 405 commute is even part of the daily work schedule.

The 405 is one of the few freeways / highways that you can always count on hitting traffic. Well, I am the only one that could have the view. But, when I have to use the 405 I always expect to hit traffic along my journey.

So, starting On Friday, June 22, 2012, the 405 is going to start a major improvement called the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project to improve our lives. But, sadly it will drive us nuts before it makes us happy.

Please make a not that many of the exits will be closed as they will be demolished / improved. So, your commute will get more fun as you will have to deal with local traffic on local streets to make your way to and from work.

(Hopefully, you have a radio or an air condition vehicle as we start the summer to make your commute more enjoyable)

But, before you start loosing it, yelling, or sending evil tweets to @I_405. Please start to figure out how to deal with the added stress of traffic.

Yes, the LA traffic can inconvenience us. But, watch the video below and see how other people are inconvenience and you may hate the LA traffic a little less.


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