Why have you hurt me RegisterFly?

Why RegisterFly? Why have you let me down?

I sit on hold is not 2 hours. In the last two hours I have gone from being number 5 on hold to number 4. I have been a RegisterFly customer for years. Back before they were even ICANN Certify. I have never had a problem until now.

So, what is my problem? I am not able to renew any of my domains. I always renew my domains 3 weeks in advance just incase.

Well those 3 weeks are almost coming to an end. I have open multiple tickets as to what my problem is. My renewal gets cancelled. Over the last 2 weeks I have open tickets after tickets only to be closed with the following statement.


There is found to be some issue with the renewal interface. Kindly submit the order after 12 to 24 hours.

Thank You.

Rapid Response
Registerfly.com, Inc.
ICANN Accredited Registrar

Now, I have a close to 150 domains with RegisterFly and If I can�t renew one how can I expect to renew all of 150. Sure, any company may have glitches especially when it comes to them moving all the domains under the RegisterFly unbrella and away from who they used to register the domains before they got ICANN Certified.

But, they could have fixed my problem 10 tickets ago. Not just closing every ticket with the famous try again line.

So, I am spending my Halloween weekend on this crap. Why? Because this domain I cant afford to go down at all. I hate the fact that I ensured the domain to stay up with back up DNS, back up Servers, and back up backbone access from separate providers. So, it sucks that my registrar is what is going to screew me over.

WTF? I just went from number 2 back to number 3 in line?

Being on hold sucks. What sucks even more is that I am in California calling New Jersey using up my long distance because RegisterFly does not have a freaking Toll Free Number so I am forced to call their local number 973.404.8430 I have had a ticket open since the 24 with no reply and I open two new ones on the 26. None of them have been updated or even acknowledge.

I just hope this is not the start of RegisterFly Sucks era.

I guess if I get no where my next call will be to ICANN.


It is official as of 10.30.06 RegisterFly has let me down!. So, I got an e-mail that my case has been update. So, I headed over to check the update and I was told to try again in 12 to 24 hours.


So, I did and it failed again.

So, now I am force to start moving my domain to another registrar. That night I called them I was on hold for almost 3 hours and I finally gave up. I am not sure what is happening to this company.

The sad thing is that I am still waiting for them to fix this. I am still pulling for them to fix this and my other expired domains. I guess I am still giving them the benefit of the doubt. I guess that is me being silly.

We will see what happens.

Update 2:

Thanks to a digg user by the name of publicxuse I have fixed my RegisterFly issue no thanks to RegisterFly.

He / she stated that if my domain was with enom I have a change. So, I did a whois and guess what. It was with enom. It appears RegisterFly was or is a reseller of enom and that is where the problem is.

So, I called enom told them my sad story. They gave me the code I needed. I then went through another registered my domain with my hosting provider as a transfer and now my domain has been saved.

I am still have 10 more domains that will expire this month. I will see if I can use the same code for those. I did a whois on those only 4 are with enom the other ones now show RegisterFly so I will see if only the enom will fail.

Thanks again Digg User!!!!

Final Update 3:


As of this morning my second domain that was going to expired because RegisterFly is being a dumb ass right now has been transfered and renewed using the steps mention above.

Registry Data
Created: 2003-11-07
Expires: 2007-11-07
Registrar Status: clientTransferProhib
Whois Server: whois.srsplus.com

So, if your domain has expired or will expired and RegisterFly is only telling you to try again. Feel free to use the step above. You dont have to use the company I used but please get your domain to another provider before your domain expires and you cant get it back.

If you have questions you can e-mail me at davemora80@gmail.com if you like.