So CNN wrote about a new idea that Six Flags is thinking about. They wrote how you can cut in line with out getting kicked out of the park by just going to the front of the line and asking to eat a cockroach.

I live near the Six Flags Magic Mountain out here in California and it has been years since I have gone. Not because I am scared of the rides. But, because waiting 3 hours in line for a ride with a park full of thugs and loser pelones* I choose not to waist my time. Waiting 3 hours and having people around me sound like an owl when the call each other foo this and foo that is not how I want to spend my weekend.

(Sent me your hate mail if you were offended by my Thug and Pelones Comment)

Eating a roach to cut in line will still not make me get in my car and drive to valencia.