Written by Dave Mora
On Jan 24 , 2006 for Daily Rants

2 roads only one destination


So now I am faced with a decision I have been dreading for a very long time. Currently I am on a road with 2 paths.

One path will take me to a dead end road and make me hate my self for taking that road. The other might take me a road that I may not like but it wont become a dead end for a few years.

What am I talking about?

I my self don’t really know and that is the problem. I am on a road with 2 paths that I don’t know what journey the hold. But, I will have to decide what road to take with out seeing ahead. I feel is worse then just fliping a coin. Is worse then 50/50 odds.

I know that what ever road I take I will be scared at first and regret taking that road. But, if the road works out I will be super happy. If it does not work out I am will hate my self for a long time.

Crap, I hate when my life gets like this. But, that is life right?

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