2 Gordos hike

This Saturday I told the misses I was going somewhere. As I told her it sounded funny as it left my mouth. I looked at my girl and told her. “Babe, I am going hiking”.

Usually going hiking does not seem like a big thing. But, when you live in the city and the most active thing you have done in the past 72 months has been walking to the store to get chips. Going hiking sounds like a cover story.

But I only wish it was a cover story. My friend and I headed to Rocky Road Peak off the 118 FWY. You can check out more sites/images through a search on Google.

Well needless to say my friend and I did not make it to the end of the trail.

The only thing I was not expecting was the $3.00 dollar donation required to park your vehicle near the entrance. They use an honesty system so, I had to think really hard if I wanted to be honest or not. You take an envelope put in the 3 bucks drop it in a deposit and tear out a receipt and leave it on your dashboard. The thing was I only had a $5.00 dollar bill and no ranger around to ask for change I decided to be honest and leave them a $2.00 dollar tip.

So, we hiked and hiked and hiked and did some more hiking.

After what felts like 2 hours of just walking we decided head back down before the sunrays got hotter.

What do 2 gordos talk during a hike?

Well on the way back down to the car all we talked about was food. I am not sure if we were that hungry or the idea a good meal after a hike kept making our minds to think about food. Also, it could be were just two hungry Gordos.

After the hike we headed to Coco’s where I had the Asian-Glazed Chicken.

Hike Part DuX

We will try and go back to the trail and take it all the way till it ends. But, this time we will go prepared. We will take water!